Welcome to Read-Spell Games

A source of ready-to-use games to use with the Barton Reading & Spelling System®

Each Read-Spell Game was created to help a student who was struggling with a new concept, needed more focused practice on a recently taught skill, or needed a more engaging and interactive way to apply and solidify their recent tutoring lesson.

The games help to review and reinforce reading and spelling rules and master newly learned concepts and skills. They provide extra motivation, a bit of competition, and are a lot of FUN!!

They are designed to be played in person or online.

Tutors, teachers, and parents who use the Barton Reading & Spelling System® will enjoy Read-Spell Games because they perfectly match the concepts and sequence of their tutoring lessons. Tutors and teachers using other Orton-Gillingham or Structured Literacy Programs will find them useful in their tutoring as well.

Please visit the Game Information page for more information about the games currently for sale.