Feeling confused as you attempt to get ready to teach or tutor online?

I may be able to help.

With teachers and tutors across the country working hard to find effective ways to meet the needs of their students in an online environment, you may find that you need some help getting started. My coaching services may be just what you are looking for.

You can read what one of my clients had to say about our online coaching sessions.

“Darlene was an immense help! I’m a Reading Support teacher, and due to the Coronavirus, I suddenly found myself scrambling to figure out how to teach struggling readers online. Fortunately, I found Darlene Larson! She patiently, and confidently, shared her wealth of experience and expertise with me. Via Zoom, Darlene walked me through the intricacies of Zoom and the Whizzimo program. This saved me a considerable amount of time and frustration. I didn’t have to wander around the program trying to figure it out on my own through trial and error. She traded screens back and forth with me so I could see the “big picture” as I set up my own Whizzimo courses based upon my school’s reading curriculum. Darlene guided me through each step of my Whizzimo account, giving me tips, suggestions and encouragement as we went. Darlene was an immense help to me and now I feel confident and prepared to teach my students through online lessons. Thank you Darlene!”     – Carol

Thinking of tutoring with the Barton Reading and Spelling System? Don’t know where to begin? Darlene will show you! Eager to work with students to improve their reading and spelling skills, I researched many programs before coming across the Barton System. As a special educator, I was trained on several other reading programs. However, I knew that Barton would be different, especially since I would be teaching it virtually. I met with Darlene before starting the program to help me set up my lessons, and how to maneuver Zoom. After I began my tutoring sessions, I met with her once every few weeks to review any questions I had about the program. I learned so many neat tricks and shortcuts that made tutoring online easier. Darlene is definitely worth her weight in gold! I am grateful that I came across her website at the beginning of my tutoring journey.  -Mona

As an experienced online tutor who uses Zoom, Whizzimo, a document camera, and a variety of other techniques and computer applications online with students every day, I can help you get organized with the programs that will work for you and with your curriculum. As we work together, I’ll share my tips and tricks to get you on your way to feeling confident in this new teaching environment.

I am not claiming to be an absolute expert in the online world of teaching and tutoring, but as someone who has already figured out what works to effectively maximize time with students while meeting their individual needs and keeping them engaged, I would like to help you get started.

You may be the kind of person that only needs a little bit of help, seeing the options that are available, and then you are ready to go, knowing you can figure it out as you go.

But, there are others of you who need some one-on-one help to get started, to help you get organized, to help you see other ways to approach your situation, and to answer your questions as you explore and try things out for yourself. If this describes you, contact me.

You can try out my coaching services in a free 30-minute Zoom video call.

After that, my one-on-one coaching services are $50 per hour.