Consultation and Evaluation Services

Are you looking for more information about how to help your child who struggles with reading and/or spelling?

Are you interested in pursuing tutoring for your child, or yourself, but want to meet me first and experience a trial session?

Are you looking for an evaluation of your child’s reading and spelling skills to help you decide what to do next?

Are you thinking about having your child officially tested to find our why they continue to struggle with reading and don’t know who to call?

Perhaps you have just received an official diagnosis of dyslexia and need help understanding the report and would like to talk with someone about your options for going forward.

As a Dyslexia Specialist, I may be able to help.  I offer a variety of consulting services to help you.  Let’s begin with the 30 minute free consultation to help you decide what you would like to do next.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Let’s talk over the phone. You will have the opportunity to share your child’s (or your own) reading/ spelling struggles and tell me what you have already tried. You can share test results from school or other sources, family background information relating to the struggles and ask questions. I will be able to ask questions, too, and begin to share information to help you decide your next course of action.

After this initial call, you may decide to pursue tutoring and we can talk about schedules, or if you want further information, you may choose one of the other consultation options – or some combination of them.

Contact me today to schedule this free consultation

Get Acquainted Meeting

We will meet face-to-face; either in person at my office in Wausau, WI or through an online web based video call.

You will have the chance to experience a typical tutoring session, see the tools and methods I use within a session, and take a look at a likely scope and sequence.

Using a couple of initial assessments, I begin to evaluate your child’s current reading strengths and weaknesses and determine if your child is ready for tutoring using the Barton System or if another method of instruction would be more appropriate.

$50 per 50 minute session  – Contact me to schedule

Informal Reading/Spelling Evaluation

In a face-to-face meeting or through a web-based video call, this option will include more in-depth testing than the “Get Acquainted Meeting” allows. Depending on the child’s age and estimated reading skills and challenges, I choose a variety of reading and spelling assessments to gain an overall picture of the student’s reading/spelling strengths and weaknesses.

Following the testing, I will quickly score the tests and then spend time with the parents to share the results and my recommendations. A written report is not included.

$150 – Total time is 2½ – 3 hours, including parent meeting after testing – Contact me to schedule

Dyslexia Screening

Dyslexia Screening will help the parent further understand if their child fits the dyslexia profile.  Dyslexia screening, however, cannot officially diagnose dyslexia.

In the screening process, I will begin with a phone consultation to determine if my services are appropriate in your situation. If so, I gather the child’s educational and family background information and do a thorough records review and in-depth interview with the parents. A testing session will be scheduled so that I can administer a combination of informal and standardized tests. The tests results are analyzed before I meet again with parents to share the results and give my recommendations.

Please note: This report will not substitute for or take the place of Special Education testing in the public school nor does is it the same as full diagnostic testing that a Psychologist can provide.

$250 – $500 – Contact me to schedule an initial consultation

Darlene Larson, in our family’s eyes, is an angel that was sent our way to help our son. Our son could hardly read or write and within 3 months of working with Darlene, he was writing and knew his entire alphabet! It has now been 1 year that my son has been working with her and honestly, I am amazed at the change! He can now read, write, and has started feeling more confident in his studies! Not only has she worked with his reading/spelling, she has guided us in ways to help him out as well! She is a true miracle to our family!