4 or More! Games for Barton Book 10

16 games that reinforce reading words with Greek and Latin Roots.

This collection of “4 or More!” game boards has been created to be used with Book 10 of the Barton Reading Spelling System® but will match other Orton Gillingham or Structured Literacy Programs as well.

The focus of these games is reading words with Latin Roots along with Latin chameleon prefixes and words with Greek combining parts.

16 games are included in the set.  There is at least one game board for each lesson in Book 10.

You will receive a Zip File that includes a PDF download for each of the 16 games and instructions on how to play the game.

Full list of Games in this set:

  • 10-1a     Chameleon Prefixes: IN Family
  • 10-1b     Latin Roots: fer, ply, port, tract, verse
  • 10-2a     Chameleon Prefixes: CON Family          
  • 10-2b     Latin Roots: duct, form, mit, pel, press, pulse, rupt
  • 10-3a     Chameleon Prefixes: OB Family and SUB Family
  • 10-3b     Latin Roots: cess, cur, gest, ject, pend, pense, pose, sist, struct
  • 10-4a     Chameleon Prefixes: AD Family
  • 10-4b     Latin Prefixes: cept, count, fect, gress, just, low, nul, point, quaint, quit, range 
  • 10-5a     Chameleon Prefixes: DIS Family and EX Family
  • 10-5b     Latin Roots: act, ceed, cel, dict, empt, fuse, rect, sent, solve
  • 10-6        Greek Combining Forms: auto, bio, geo, graph, macro, micro, phone, photo, scope, tele
  • 10-7        More Greek Combining Forms: astro, chron, dynamics, electro, hydro, kinetic, meter, neo, ology, paleo, sphere, therm
  • 10-8a     Greek Combining Forms in Numbers and Mathematics: cycle, deca, di, dia, enne, gon, gram, hecto, hemi, hepta, hexa, iso, kilo, lateral, mega, mono, octo, penta, peri, poly, tetra, tri
  • 10-8b     Latin Prefixes in Numbers and Mathematics: bi, cent, centi, dec, deci, equi, mill, milli, multi, nov, oct, quad, quin, semi, sept, sex, tri, uni
  • 10-9        Greek Combining Forms in Medicine: cardio, derm, ectomy, emia, gastro, hema/hemo, itis, neuro, oma, osteo, path, psycho, therapy
  • 10-10      Greek Combining Forms in Social Studies: anthro, arch, cracy, crat, demo, ethno, phil, polis, soph, theo

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