4 or More! Games for Barton Book 9

10 games that reinforce reading words with foreign origins.

This collection of “4 or More!” game boards has been created to be used with Book 9 of the Barton Reading Spelling System® but the concepts will match other Orton Gillingham or Structured Literacy Programs as well.

The focus of these games is reading words with foreign origins – mostly Greek and French influence.

10 games are included in the set.  There is at least one game board for each lesson in Book 9.

You will receive a Zip File that includes a PDF download for each of the 10 games and instructions on how to play the game.

Full list of Games in this set:

  • 9-1a      Greek Words: CH=/k/
  • 9-1b      Greek Words: CH=/k/, PS=/s/, RH=/r/, MN=/m/, SC=/s/
  • 9-2        Silent Letter Pairs: KN=/n/, WR=/r/, GH=/g/, GN=/n/
  • 9-3        The letter -i- in Foreign Language Words: i at the end, ‘i-consonant-i’ endings,     ‘ine’ at the end
  • 9-4        French Words: CH=/sh/;  QUE at the end = /k/ & IQUE at the end =/eek/
  • 9-5        French Words: AGE at the end = /azh/  &  Suffixes ETTE and ESS
  • 9-6        French Words: Accented E  &  Silent E with no job
  • 9-7        French Words: Silent S & T;  EAU=long o
  • 9-8        French Words: 3 more sounds of OUR 
  • 9-9        French Words: GU and GUE

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