FREE “4 or More!” Sampler Packet

9 FREE “4 of More!” game boards, instructions, and a complete list of all of the sets of games that can be purchased.

This FREE set of “4 or More!” game boards includes 9 games  – one game from each set of games – that have been designed to be used with Levels 2-10 of the Barton Reading and Spelling System®.   Because the game concepts match other Orton-Gillingham and Structured Literacy Programs, however, they can be used with other programs and sequences as well.

You will receive a Zip File that includes PDF downloads for each of the 7 free games and an introduction/instructions sheet that includes a complete list of all of the games for each set.

The specific games in this set are:

2-4…..CVC words – short vowels a,i,o,u

3-3…..Blends at the Beginning AND at the End

4-3…..V-CC-V words; 2 consonants between the vowels

5-4…..3 sounds of Suffix –ED

6-2…..Silent E in multi-syllable words

7-1…..AR & OR in Vowel-R syllables

8-8…..OO Vowel Team

9-2…..Silent Letter Pairs – KN, WR, GH, GN

10-6…Greek Combining Forms

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