Game Tips and Tricks

My students love to play games and will often ask when we can play a game again. When I began doing most of my tutoring in an online environment, I created a series of games that could be easily played online to reinforce each of the concepts I teach.

Watch the video to learn how to play the “4 or More!” games with your students online – or in person.

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When playing the “4 or More!” games, my students like the variety of options that they have with the Zoom annotation tools.

Words can be marked with circles or triangles,

highlighted as circles or squares,

or, the straight line tool can segment a word into its syllables and then draw a box around the word.

Organization Tips for the “4 or More!” Games

For online play: Store your PDF copies of each “4 or More!” game file within a folder on your computer by Book number. Then you have easy access to them during a tutoring session.

If you are not familiar with the concepts for each Barton lesson, you could rename each of the files to identify the concept that is being reinforced in each game.

For in-person play: Store paper copies of all your games in a binder by Book number. Then use a plastic sleeve and dry erase markers when playing with a student. The marks will erase easily when you are done and you can store the same copy of the game board for use with another student.

Use the FREE “4 or More!” title page when you store your games boards in a binder.

Questions about using Read-Spell games? Contact me.

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