Read-Spell Games is a source of ready-to-use games to play with a student during a tutoring session – either online or in person.

The games have been designed to match lessons within the Barton Reading Spelling System®, but the games concepts will match other Orton Gillingham and Structured Reading Programs, as well.

All Read-Spell Games are presented as digital downloads.

These “4 or More!” games are sold in sets for each of the Barton Reading and Spelling System® levels, Books 2-8.

Each set has at least 1 game board for every lesson within that Book.

My students love playing “4 or More!” and I’m sure yours will, too!

Click here to watch a video that shows how to play “4 or More!” and read more tips and tricks for playing these games.

Shows a student playing a "4 or More!" game.
Beginning and Ending Blends
Shows an example "4 or More!" game board with diamonds around the words.
the OO Vowel Team

Download the FREE “4 or More!” Sampler Packet today. It includes seven FREE “4 or More!” game boards – one free game from each set offered for sale.

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12 games that reinforce reading three-sound words in a CVC format. Digraphs are included.
34 games that reinforce reading short vowel words, with and without blends, that follow a variety of spelling rules and patterns.
24 games that reinforce reading multi-syllable words with open, closed, and vowel team syllables.
11 games that reinforce reading words with suffixes and prefixes.
22 games that reinforce reading words with a variety of Silent-E syllables.
15 games that reinforce reading words with Vowel-R syllables.
16 games that reinforce reading words with advanced Vowel Teams, including words that have two consecutive vowels that are not a vowel team.
7 FREE "4 of More!" game boards, instructions, and a complete list of all of the sets of games that can be purchased.
Title page that can be used when storing paper copies of the "4 or More!" game boards in a binder.

Susan Barton has reviewed, and approved, all Read-Spell Games.