What are other tutors saying about Read-Spell Games.

I love these “4 or More!” games!  And so do my students!  I use them to start off almost every session, as a warm up/show off/fluency boost.  They read a couple rows from previous lesson game boards.   Then later in the session we play the current lesson game for a brain break.  They love strategizing against me!  We usually play 4 or more, then they beg to play Black Out, their favorite!  Sometimes we play again at the end of the lesson, to further cement fluency and understanding.  I love that this game slows down the pressure to decode quickly, giving them time in between each move to laugh a little, make up silly sentences and to regroup.  I play a lot of games with my students.  This one gives the most bang for the buck and it’s fun!  

Dorcas Weir

I have used the “4 or More!” games a lot for extra practice in reading words. It’s a fun way to practice, and my students never seem to tire of playing this game! I’m so thankful for new games to practice words in Levels 9 & 10. Thanks for your efforts, Darlene!


As a Certified Barton Tutor, Advanced Level, I simply want to share about the fun sneaky enjoyment that we, both my students and myself, have been having over the years utilizing the “4 or More! games for Barton.

These games have proven time and time again to be a REQUESTED interlude while working with my students through the Barton lessons.  If not “requested” during a lesson, the student always lights up when I do suggest it.  It is “sneaky” in that “4 or More!” continues to tie together the Barton strategy and the lesson (spelling rules) being taught, all the while with flexible, cognitive, multisensory, systematic and with a simple cumulative method. 

Yup, I have purchased all of the “4 or More!” games: 2-10.

Thank you Darlene, for your heart and effort.

Ann Johnston