What are other tutors saying about Read-Spell Games.

I love these “4 or More!” games!  And so do my students!  I use them to start off almost every session, as a warm up/show off/fluency boost.  They read a couple rows from previous lesson game boards.   Then later in the session we play the current lesson game for a brain break.  They love strategizing against me!  We usually play 4 or more, then they beg to play Black Out, their favorite!  Sometimes we play again at the end of the lesson, to further cement fluency and understanding.  I love that this game slows down the pressure to decode quickly, giving them time in between each move to laugh a little, make up silly sentences and to regroup.  I play a lot of games with my students.  This one gives the most bang for the buck and it’s fun!  

Dorcas Weir